David | Adelaide, South Australia

For quite a number of years we wrote our own Sunday School material because it was so difficult to find Biblically based Sunday School material that was simple, clear, and did not break the bank. When we saw the SonSeekers material we realised immediately that here was our answer. Because the material systematically covers the whole Bible, we were reassured that we were not leaving gaps in our children's biblical education.

The material is also flexible enough to allow us to select a specific area of the Bible for a particular term. The lessons are obviously provided by writers who have a devotion to the Lord, a clear understanding of the gospel, that is backed up with a high level of teaching experience and skill.

Our teachers are delighted with the abundance of ideas for presenting each lesson.

The activities for the children are also varied and interesting. The children love the work books, and because the material for all the levels is co-ordinated, our parents can also use the lesson content in family devotions as a follow up.

The low-cost of the material keeps it well within our budget. We cannot speak highly enough of the Sonseekers material.

Adelaide | South Australia


Julie | Tasmania

As a qualified teacher and Children’s Church Coordinator, I frequently review and appraise curriculum materials to use in our Children’s Church. Most publications are of an excellent standard with many featuring fabulous ideas. I have, however, found it hard to find the “ideal” set of curriculum to suit our children and church.

I was immediately impressed with Sonseekers as the samples I saw were of a high standard and also unique in their approach.

Our teachers have workbooks full of inspiring and creative teaching methods. I can confidently pass on the materials to other less experienced teachers knowing that they can be fully prepared to teach dynamic and effective lessons. The teaching pointers that feature in Sonseekers manuals are straightforward and further equip teachers to prepare for classrooms situations. The curriculum is organised into age groups so that less planning is needed for different learning styles and cognitive levels. Structure and routine and synonymous with the Sonseeker programme and this is essential for effective classroom management.

Students love having their own workbooks and this is the feature that ultimately made me want to purchase the materials. Students can learn more at home and parents and carers can get easily become involved with what we do in our Children’s Church. Students have a record of what they learn and can see their own development as they progress through the books.

Sonseekers have made my life easier as I can confidently administer and teach our Children well. The Bible comes alive and Old Testament stories have given the children insights into the heart of our Saviour. I am impressed and glad to be using Sonseekers. Most importantly is the fun the children have learning and doing craft and puzzles. I can confidently recommend this programme and congratulate the team for producing an excellent resource.

Tasmania | Australia


Jill | Port Moresby, PNG

Dear Sonseekers Team,
Thank you so much for your generous provision of Sonseekers student workbooks and teacher’s manuals for Sunrise Bethel Christian School in Port Moresby, PNG. Our school was officially opened on 31st January 2010 and commenced the next day with 90 children aged 4.5 to 9 years. Most of these had never been to school. We have been using the Sonseekers material for our daily devotions at the start of every day, Tuesday to Friday. Monday we have a whole school assembly to start the week.

Yesterday I asked my class what was the best thing about coming to school, and a number said, 'The Bible stories!'

It is such a joy to walk the children through the whole Bible in this way and give them such an understanding of the story of God’s relationship and dealings with the human race. We will cover in one year what was taking 4 years in our Australian Sunday School class! The children are retaining so much and applying it to their daily lives. What a privilege it is to freely talk about God and refer back to our bible stories and memory verses throughout the day.  My Prep class especially loved the David and Goliath activity with the paper fastener stone flying across to Goliath’s head and Samuel running to Eli!

Last week we celebrated Bookweek with the theme 'Count on Books – Read – The Best book to Read is the Bible' The children don’t need to be convinced of that, they wholeheartedly agree. On Thursday every child contribute to a giant mural of their favourite Bible characters and on Friday the children came dressed as their favourite Bible characters. David, Joseph, Sarah, Miriam, Eli and Moses (complete with the 10 commandments) and many others, came alive that day!

So you can see that your Sonseeker materials are an integral part of daily life at our school and are such a blessing to staff and students. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Only God knows the contribution this is making to the future of Papua New Guinea and the eternal value in the lives of these children and their families.

Port Moresby | Papua New Guinea


Mark - Queensland

Throughout my time as a Sunday School teacher, I have found that the older primary school kids are the hardest to teach. These kids will soon be in high school and amongst peer pressures and worldly culture. The Sunday School lessons still need to capture their attention and be enjoyable, but the material must also make them aware of the importance of the gospel that they have to grab for themselves as they step into high school.

I have found that the SonSeekers program encourages this step to occur. Not only does it grab the kid's attention, but it also reminds them that they are at the age where they should be about the Fathers business.

I have been excited to find that the SonSeekers programme is more than just about keeping the kids amused or making 'baby-sitting' easier for the teachers. It is about bringing the gospel of the Lord to the entire family.

Queensland | Australia